Fine-art, architectural photographer Sean Perry was recently invited to present for the i3 lecture series at the Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Hosted by Mr. Jaime Permuth and Ms. Katrin Eismann and now in it’s sixth season – it has featured many fantastic artists, 48 in all to date. Past presenters include Elinor Carucci, Phil Toledano, Nina Berman and Shen Wei as well as industry professionals Brad Smith (Director of Photography for Sports Illustrated) and Darren Ching. (Owner of Klompching Gallery, New York, and Creative Director of PDN.)

Sean shared “It was a true privilege and honor to be included as an artist. I showed new work from a trilogy of books I have been creating in New York, Monolith, Gotham and Fotopolis – as well as commissions and the program Ms. Kathryn Watts-Martinez and I founded for our department, The Picture Review. I love this lecture series and often use it as a resource in my classes both here and in New York. I hope you have a chance to watch!”