Hello + I hope this finds you well!
For months last Fall, Ms. Kathryn, Ms. Christine, Mr. Curry, Mr. Woodhull and I crafted a submission for a new grant program concerning student success. I am delighted to share we won, and were fully awarded our proposal! Together with you – we are building a student run, operational photography studio, servicing clients. We believe this type of real world experience is a meaningful way to impact your success rates as photographers, as students and importantly as entrepreneurs. We are calling it ACCMe Studio.
I am excited to announce the program is up and running and we would like to congratulate all who applied for this first session of ACCMe Studio! We received nearly three times the number of submissions than first expected, it was no small task to select the final 8 + 4. We also chose two alternates should the unexpected need arise. The board discussed at length the best mix of experience and range, and have selected the following staff for the Spring 2015 session. Way to be!
Spring 2015 Staff
Mr. Andrew Dominguez
Mr. Babak P. Aryan
Ms. Callan Muckleroy
Mr. Carlos Salazar
Mr. Emerson Walter
Ms. Michelle Michel
Ms. Rachelle Bendixen
Mr. Steve Whichard
Spring 2015 Alternates
Ms. Heather Kennedy
Mr. KT Shiue
Spring 2015 Volunteers
Mr. Adam Charnes
Ms. Brigitte Barnhouse
Mr. Jimmy Hatch
Ms. Jordan Schiappa
The ACCMe board, Mr. Curry, Ms. Kathryn, Mr. Woodhull, Mr. Grant, Ms. Christine and I are all so thrilled to see this adventure start and thrive. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone – students, our alumni and the department as a whole. We are committed, let’s build something kick-ass together.
With my best always, Sean.