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James Minor

Adjunct Faculty

After a seven year career of mixing sound and road managing a country/blues band in west Texas, I went to U.T. to finish my BFA. Charlie Guerrero offered me a shooting job in late 1983 and I stayed with him until 1988. We concentrated on local high tech companies producing collateral and annual reports. In spring 1986, Gilmore Williams brought me into ACC to teach Fundamentals where I stayed through fall 1990. By 1988 my opportunity to start my own business presented itself. From 1988 until 2012, I operated Minor Image nestled down on eclectic East 6th. St. in Austin. I quietly serviced corporations such as Motorola, MCC, Sematech, 3M, Cryco, MCRI, Molecular Imprints and National Instruments with a sensible, straightforward and visually clean style. During this time I became PPA Certified and earned a PPA Master of Photography degree.

In Austin, the roaring 90’s fueled a lot of creative output and many of us only had enough time to come up for air. Fast forward to post 9/11 and the economic downturn it created. By 2005 I was back at ACC as an adjunct to help further the education and careers of another generation of students, teaching Intermediate Photography.

Guided by our department’s workplace educational goal, my objective is to teach commercial photographic content and skills. I strive to push my student’s a little closer to their goals of becoming active, contributing photographers in today’s commercial market. They need their skills to flow outside the classroom and I expect my students to take their skills to the paying business community. Through my long educational journey, I have found that engagement is the key to successful learning. This method can help them discover the key to understanding the process, and that understanding is immensely self-powering. There is no perfect strategy for effective teaching and if I have managed to enable my students to see, think and produce on their own, then I have fulfilled my goal and will enjoy their success.

On the personal side, I have been riding motorcycles for fifty years and still enjoy the music side of my life. Back in the late 90’s I developed another passion; sports officiating at the high school level. I am a senior member of the Austin Chapter of the Texas Association of Sports Officials in both football and baseball actively working high school ball fields all over the state.

Photographically, since closing the studio, I work special projects and enjoy producing pro bono work for local educational and service organizations. The wonders of image capture never cease and I marvel at the hardware and software advances presented in our chosen field of photography while undertaking the task of staying current with the changing climate.