Jadwiga_Figula150Born in the mountains region of southern Poland. I am a creative and innovative photographer whose concentration focuses on documenting humanitarian efforts, portray people and culture. With every assignment, I coherently arrange my photographs and create layout designs for humanitarian agencies, magazines and newspapers.

For the past few years I have lived and worked abroad with frequent traveling. Through it I have learned to see life from different perspectives. Every moment holds its valued beauty and in that moment I have learned to be present to my surroundings including the people.

I heartily believe in photography to have the capacity to create a positive change in people’s lives. I see photography as a tool to inform and to raise awareness of important issues and then has the ability to transform it for good will. 
Photography inspires and motivates others to be transformed and promotes a deeper appreciation and acceptance of our cultural differences.

I am very passionate about what I do. I am very grateful for the gift which God has given me; for the opportunity and for being able to grow and learn more about life through the images I shoot.



After I received my Master’s Degree in Travel and Tourism in Krakow, I took the opportunity to move to Austin, Texas. I lived with an American host family while I was looking after their three boys and studying English.

I’d always carried my camera with me and had taken lots of photographs of the boys and their friends. As well, I tried to get involved in any activities / events where I would be able to use my camera. Jane and Sam (the parents of the boys) saw potential in my shots and encouraged me to take a photography course (informal class) on Saturday mornings at Austin Community College – Pinnacle Campus. I was thrilled.

That’s when I was introduced to a new level of photography and darkroom processing.

After completing the TOEFL exam (requirement for foreign students to maintain college studies), Jane and Sam sponsored me for a student visa. I must also mention the incredible Carol Duss (Coordinator, International Students Office) who guided me through the whole process. With their huge help, I became a full time student in the ACC – Photography Department.

The whole new aspect of the photography world opened up for me.

I will always cherish those three years and I will always think highly of my teachers and friends. I thank them tremendously for helping me get started and for all their support in the early years of my photography journey. They assisted me not only photographically, but they also encouraged me and empowered me and believed in me throughout those years.

Those years gave me the time to achieve a deep educational experience and understanding of what I wanted to do with my photography. It helped me to develop tangible skills and refine my vision. The opportunity to learn in the ACC environment encouraged me to experience and explore the world and to strive for finding a personal language in how I wanted my photographs to be used and/or communicated.

On a side note, while I truly enjoyed all my classes, I would have to say that the Expression and Photojournalism classes were absolutely my favorites.





© Jadwiga Figula