Beta launch of the new ACC homepage

About the beta test

We are launching a “no click” beta homepage – available for viewing at this time. The navigation menu and links are not enabled. While not a finished product, the beta homepage provides an opportunity for viewing the new direction of the page and offering feedback. Photos you see here are placeholders and not necessarily final selections.

About the homepage

The homepage is designed primarily for prospective students. Its role is to promote programs and services as well as help future students connect with enrollment advisors and begin the admissions process. Visitors who are not prospective students will access their relevant information and resources through the audience-identifier links.

The main navigation menu includes the content areas most important to promoting the college and converting prospects into applicants: Academics, Admissions, Paying for College, Learning Support, Campus Life, Campuses, and About.

The homepage goals are threefold:

  1. Set a welcoming tone and drive prospects to explore academic programs, campus life, and the admissions process, etc.
  2. Increase the number of prospects who request information. Users who complete the “Request Information” form enter the college’s CRM, or customer relationship management system. After the CRM captures the prospects’ information, enrollment advisors provide high-touch guidance through the recruitment and admissions process.
  3. Increase the number of prospects who submit the application form, enter the CRM, and receive high-touch guidance through the admissions process. Applicants can then be tracked through the registration process.

View the “no click” beta homepage and leave your feedback in the comments below.

View Beta Homepage

17 Replies to “Beta launch of the new ACC homepage”

  1. I would consider changing some of the language to an audience of grade 9 to 12; ie, what does motto mean; explore? Also, when you insert a large picture you may consider that some people new technology may not know to scroll down for more info; consider inserting some instruction to that effect if scrolling down the page is important. Otherwise, they will just click on apply.

  2. I like the feel of this homepage – I think it will be very welcoming to prospective students (especially once you replace the top picture with one more representative of the diversity of the region).

    My big concern is that when looking at the homepage on my ACC laptop in Chrome, the only thing initially on my screen was the picture and even then the whole picture didn’t fit on the screen. I had to do scrolling to see even where you said ‘Start Here Get There’, and the first time I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page, it felt like it took a long time.

    I realize that you need to optimize for smart phones and tablets, since that’s what the majority of your future students will be using to access your material, but I hope it can work well in common computer browsers too. The problem seems to be that everything is really large on the screen – the only portion that seems the right size is the links to the different academic areas section. And that’s part of why it seems to take so long to scroll through the page.

  3. I think it is critical that the front page has a link to the schedule of classes and the ‘important dates’ academic calendar. Before I go through the hassle of trying to enroll or gain admission, I want to see if the classes I want are offered at a time and place I can attend. I also need to know the important dates, including payment deadlines, and financial aid deadlines, so I can check them against my personal calendar.
    I’m looking at this from the adult learner point of view. Someone that is considering going back to school for career retraining or personal interest.

  4. I like the visual emphasis! The images really make the page come alive. There is a lot of information accessible (when clicks are enabled) from this landing page. I’m looking forward to seeing this hit the big time!

  5. Oh, please, no, to preview. Scrolling not good! Students, faculty, and staff need quick access to schedule, library, employees, etc, links on top for easy access–along with fast “search ACC.”
    Even with that, there is no long easy access to crucial dates for an academic session and, when found, it doesn’t include needed info, like Spring Breaks. Thank you for trying to make it easier for us. Don’t give us another update that makes it more confusing!

  6. I know it’s the current style, but I hate to waste so much space on the background photos. We have to scroll a lot to get to the content.

  7. In the drop down to the right, there needs to be a tab for “Course Finder”.

    That way new prospects & current students can immediately get to see if the course they want is available & when.

  8. I love that the website is getting a redesign! It is very difficult to navigate when you are unfamiliar with it.

    The new design, seen in Beta, looks new and clean.

    My concern is that it requires a LOT of scrolling to find info. The header is so large that it looks like nothing else is on the page. People don’t want to scroll when they get to a homepage, they want to find the link or menu they need and move on.

    If there could be tags nearer to the top that will link to the info down below, that would fix it.

    Finally, there’s no real explanation of the “Areas of Study” they are just there. For a prospective student, this homepage gives very little information that is immediately visible.

    However, I know it’s a work in progress! I’m glad it’s happening.

  9. I was surprised, to say the least, that the redesign’s goals did not include ANYTHING like ‘serve those who are already enrolled plus those who serve them – the employees’.

  10. I had to do a lot of “scrolling down” on the webpage to find information. It seems like it could be more condensed to fit in a smaller space. I understand that the website is aimed at prospective students, but current students and employees also use the website.

  11. Too much scrolling on the homepage. Make sure it is optimized for smart phones.

  12. I like the direction you are heading. I don’t see a reference or mention of web en espanol. Our student body is NOW 37% Latino and we are expanding to include adult and GED learners who really need this option.

  13. Please consider adding a link to Adult Education. Our students are very much a part of the “community” we serve at ACC.

  14. Seems like a lot of scrolling! Since the links are not active, it’s very hard to comment on the functionality of the homepage.

    The homepage does appear streamlined and interesting. I like the part where ACC accolades (affordability, transfer, etc.) ensure that visitors to the homepage see this information right away.

  15. Looks great.

    Some mobile styling issues. (iphone 6, safari latest update)

    The calendar views at the bottom, the headline text changes from #fff in the desktop view to grey.

    Line-height and alignment issues with the Explore All Academic & Career Programs > section.

    Same issues arise when resizing desktop browser to mobile size. (Windows 10, chrome latest update.)

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