Learning Support – Here for you

The Learning Support page of the website will promote the specialized learning environments that will help the prospective students achieve their academic goals at ACC. This page will not provide every single detail about how to access these services but an overview of services available to students who attend ACC.

The content on the page presents the idea that no matter the academic challenge ACC has the resources and expertise to correctly advise and support students on their academic journeys. Often students self-identify into subcategories such as military and veterans, students with special needs, transfer students, or even program-specific groups with their own special requirements. The Learning Support page reinforces to a prospective student that no matter what their particular situation is, ACC will be there to provide the assets that are essential to being a successful student.

Imagine yourself as a prospective student inquiring if ACC has the academic support that will help you achieve your academic goals and check out the Learning Support page.

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