Campuses – Locations Across Greater Austin

ACC Highland

The main campus webpage makes it easy for prospective students to see where ACC campuses are located around the college district through a large, clickable map. It also features a click-through area highlighting each campus, with information on their unique characteristics and programs.

Photography is extremely important in the website redesign, and we chose to emphasize regional pride with an iconic Austin image of the South Congress Bridge. as the page’s main “hero” image as taken by our ACC photographer.

Imagine yourself as a prospective student exploring ACC facilities and check out the Campuses page.

Paying for College – Afford a Great Future

The ability to pay for college is a major concern for most prospective students. The new Paying for College area showcases how affordable an option ACC really is.

The page clearly describes the actual cost of a typical class, semester, and degree. A colorful chart compares ACC’s tuition costs with other area institutions. Often these hard numbers are buried deep within the website. Instead, the redesigned website places the information at the forefront, highlighting it as reasons to enroll at ACC.

Call-outs to financial aid and other assistance are highlighted as well. Information on veteran benefits, scholarships, payment plan options, and education tax credits further reinforces that ACC is an affordable college option.

Imagine yourself as a prospective student and take a look at Paying for College.