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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


There is no good time for a web launch, especially at ACC. The college is always in the middle of a semester or registration period. However, there are periods in which web traffic slows, for example in the weeks around Spring Break. The Web Redesign Advisory Team, along with faculty and student services leads, chose to move forward at this time.

Where is my information?

The new homepage is intended for prospective students interested in learning more about ACC, our programs and services, and college life. The homepage navigation includes an audience identifier menu. With one click, students, faculty, and staff can access their online tools, resources, and information all in one personalized, portal-style webpage. Check out the Students and Faculty and Staff webpages to learn more.

What if I don’t find what I need?

First, try the search option. If you still can’t locate what you’re looking for, contact Edward Terry, the college’s Web Manager, at [email protected].


Systems like Blackboard and Self-Service are overseen by ACC’s IT Team. If you have any questions or concerns about systems, email [email protected], call 512-223-8234, or click here.


No. It’s the first of four phases that include making ongoing improvements, redesigning “Business and Community,” adding a new interactive ACC Newsroom, and assisting with departmental and office sites.

Why does ACC need a new website?

The last ACC web redesign project was in 2012. The college took a big step forward by implementing its first content management system, developing a “responsive” design for a variety of platforms, and adopting a student-first approach to information architecture. With advances in mobile website design and the implementation of Guided Pathways and 10 new Areas of Study, it’s a good time to take the next steps to improve ACC’s web presence.

What are the Web Redesign Project Goals?
  1. Enhance promotion of ACC Areas of study, programs, and services.
  2. Clear the clutter and improve navigation and functionality for all.
  3. Create a modern, cohesive design consistent with the ACC brand.
  4. Provide easy-to-understand content that is credible, targeted, and timely.
  5. Be 100% mobile-friendly and ADA compliant.
  6. Integrate with Guided Pathways and new IT systems.
  7. Optimize content to improve search functionality.
  8. Establish clear guidelines and resources to assist departments with content management and design.
What are the four phases of the Web Redesign Project?

The redesign will occur in phases to allow for design and testing by different user types.

  • Phase 1 focuses on prospective and current students. It includes re-imagining the homepage to better promote ACC programs and services for prospective students and to assist new students with the admissions process. Additionally, current students will get a redesigned “Students” landing page that provides access to information, resources, and tasks that optimize their college experience. Launches
  • Phase 2 focuses on making ongoing website improvements; adding videos, testimonials, and program highlights; and enhancing the Faculty and Staff webpage to improve access to information, resources, and assets employees need for a more effective work environment.
  • Phase 3 focuses redesigning the Business and Community webpage to improve the public’s understanding of ACC’s value to the community and how to work with the college. It also will include a new, interactive ACC Newsroom.
  • Phase 4 happens in parallel with phases 1 through 3. It includes creating the Web Style Guide and support resources necessary to update and manage academic and operational department websites to meet web redesign goals.
Who is the audience for the ACC homepage?

The primary audience is prospective students and influencers, allowing for easier exploration of college programs and career options. The homepage design will promote ACC programs, services, and resources; provide an easy-to-follow-path through the enrollment process; and drive users to complete one of two primary calls to action — either request information or apply for admission. Either of these actions will enter prospective students into the Recruit CRM, allowing ACC recruiters and enrollment advisors to guide users through the decision-making process and admission steps.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management system. It’s a relationship-building tool used to gather important information to better connect with prospective students, answer questions, and track them as they progress through the prospect and enrollment processes. ACC uses Recruit, an Ellucian software that works with Colleague, ACC’s student information system.

What is the redesign process?

It is a multiyear process that began in 2015 with assessing the college’s most urgent needs and planning for more effective IT systems. It will continue until all academic and operational departments are able to meet web guidelines and have the web assets needed to reach Strategic Plan goals. Process highlights include:

  • Research and Discovery
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Audit and Development
  • Web Style Guide (fine-tuned throughout process)
  • Technical Development (making sure it works)
  • Design Development (making sure it looks good)
  • Beta Launch and User Testing
  • Live Launch
  • Incorporation and Training


Can I make a comment or recommendation?

Yes! As the web redesign team implements the improved design, we welcome your feedback. If you have a comment or question that does not appear on frequently asked questions (FAQs), please submit it here. Comments also will be shared with the Web Design Advisory Team. Commonly asked questions will be answered and posted to FAQs.

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