Distance Learning


The Real Estate Department offers many online courses. PCM courses are designed for anyone who has scheduling problems, work-schedules that conflict with normal class times, or any reason they may have. Some students are concerned about the transferability or status of PCM courses. The course content, college credit and transferability are equivalent to those offered in the classroom.

You will cover the same material as in a regular class. You must have access to the Internet and an email account. The primary framework for instruction is the Internet. 

The Interactive capabilities such as email and listserv, access to library on-line, office hours, discussion forums, facilitate student to instructor communication. 
This asynchronous learning allows students who have other responsibilities to participate in course offerings. Being able to send a message to the instructor at any time, instead of traveling to the campus during the instructor's posted office hours, makes it possible for those who have limited or no time beyond the normal class time to talk to the instructor.
Course content is delivered on the Web and includes the course syllabus, core course information and announcements, and structured student activities. Tests will be taken on-campus in the Testing Centers. Courses use an interactive training system that combines electronic learning materials with online instructor guidance and expertise. They are accessed via the Internet from the student's computer at home or work or in an ACC lab, any time.

Complete course information will be available in Blackboard on the first day of the semester. You must be officially enrolled in your course to access Blackboard. You will need your student ID and password to log in.

If this is your first time taking a Distance Learning course, you should review the Student Guide to Distance Learning.

Academic Testing Center Website: http://www.austincc.edu/testctr/

Distance Learning Help Line: 1-512-223-8026, Toll free 1-888-223-8026 or dl@austincc.edu.

The Distance Learning Help Line is open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

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