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Real Estate Brokerage Licensing - Associate of Applied Science Degree

Applicants for a broker license will need to have four years of experience as a licensed salesperson, plus demonstrate practical competency by providing a detailed list of brokerage activities engaged in by the applicant during this same period. This will ensure consumers who deal with brokers and their sponsored salespersons a level of service more solidly backed up by additional practical experience. Besides a broker license, graduates will also have additional opportunities in diverse areas, such as comparative market analysis, property management and investment.

Concordia Connect 3+1: Your path to a bachelor’s in business at ACC

The Concordia Connect 3+1 program between Concordia University Texas and Austin Community College will help students complete their transition from an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree, simply and affordably.

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How it works

Participating students will complete an AAS degree at ACC and a BAAS degree taught by visiting Concordia professors. This gives students the opportunity to pursue a four-year degree from a private institution and never have to leave their familiar ACC campuses. During the first three years of study, students pay ACC’s rate of tuition and switch to Concordia’s rate of tuition only during the final year. Classes in the final year of the program will be offered in an accelerated format with options for daytime, nighttime, and weekends.

  • Year 1 and 2: Complete AAS degree at ACC (60 credits)
  • Year 3: Become a Concordia student and complete general education courses at ACC to fill the Texas Core Curriculum (27 credits)
  • Year 4: Finish final year at an ACC campus, but with Concordia instructors and courses (37 credits)

 A private school education at a ¼ of the price. Enrolling now!

Students pay ACC tuition for the first three years of the program and pay Concordia’s tuition the final year. Financial aid and payment plans are offered all four years of the program.

Easy Admission Process: Completion of an AAS degree from ACC grants automatic admission to CTX for the final two years. No Application Fee!
Flexibility: Course delivery is flexible with evening and online options.
Dual Resources: Students have access to facilities, faculty, tutoring, advising, libraries, and other resources from both institutions
Outcome Driven: The combination of skills learned at ACC and Concordia University Texas will put students on the right path toward life-changing experiences that will lead to meaningful work.

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 Real Estate Licensing - Certificate

A minimum of 180 classroom hours of Real Estate instruction, comprising of five mandatory courses, is required to sit for the Texas Real Estate Sales Licensing Exam. A holder of a sales license can only perform real estate activities under the sponsorship (and supervision) of someone who holds a broker license.

Program Map

In 2016, ACC began restructuring programs and services to support "guided pathways," a strategy embraced by community colleges nationwide to help students finish college on time, prepare for employment, career advancement, or university transfer. Students are encouraged to download and retain this Real Estate Brokerage Licensing Associate of Applied Science Degree or Real Estate Licensing Level 1 Certificate Program Map.

Award Plans

Click on the applicable year to view the award plans for the real estate program and to download the corresponding worksheets.

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