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Yolanda Lins, Real Estate Student
Spring 2018. Real Estate with Peter Glover
"I passed the Real Estate exam for Sales Agent. I truly enjoy your classes and they were instrumental in allowing me gain a high score. Your class contained all the elements necessary for passing both the National and State exams. Thank you so very much for all your help!"


Leroy T, Jr, Real Estate Student
Spring 2018. Real Estate with Peter Glover
"Thank you for your time, patience and shared knowledge while teaching the Principles of Real Estate Course . Due to your extensive knowledge in the Real Estate field, I successfully passed the State and National portion of the test on my first attempt."


Nick M, Real Estate Student
Spring 2018. Real Estate with James M. Crane
"Dreams and Nightmares - Growing up every kid has dreams of what their life will be like in the future..."

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Dreams and Nightmares

Growing up every kid has dreams of what their life will be like in the future. Every person hits this point where optimism meets consciousness at a different point in their life, and at this point is where dreams can turn into nightmares. I'm a very open minded, self-confident person but the fear of failure can sneak up on anybody.

Starting this semester I had no idea what to expect. The classes I planned to take were transferred online and there was going to be zero classroom time, which quite frankly terrified me. Shortly after learning how to navigate through the online courses, I received an invitation to the "Real estate club" meeting. Now I know when you think about dreams of a child you don't hear many children saying they want to grow up and help people get in to the home of their dreams. For me at a very young age this was my dream, and I jumped in to it the first opportunity I received. These meetings were being put together and ran by Professor Crane who at the time I knew for less than a month. Never would I have imagined that a professor could give even half the encouragement that I received this year at Austin Community College.

Almost all of the professors in this particular area of study participated in making the experience great but Professor Crane in particular I know not only put together these meetings but also had guest speakers from very successful places come and talk to us every month. Attending these meetings monthly was crazy motivation to keep my focus during the rest of the month. I received reminders very often from him with due dates and encouraging messages like “KEEP PUSHING – YOU CAN DO IT!” which sometimes I really needed, and did not know it until it was given.

In every class you get an amount of content that if paid attention to will allow you to pass. In a great class you can gain knowledge that might help you in the future, but by being lucky enough to have a faculty member like Professor Crane I got so much more than the bare minimum I got in other courses. He provided these meetings that had zero obligations, but had so many benefits that kept me going every month. At the end of the semester on top of it all there was another level of effort reached by having a two weekend exam prep class that had me walk away saying I was ready to pass my state exam with flying colors the first time around, and begin my career with confidence. My dreams were guided to become a reality rather than a nightmare and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity that I did. I owe part of the success I now know I will achieve to someone who put the extra effort in to help me reach my goals, Professor James Crane.


Toni S, Real Estate Agent, RE/MAX CAPITAL CITY II
Fall 2016. Real Estate with Peter Glover
"I wanted to tell you that I took my state exam yesterday and passed!! I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. You definitely have a gift for teaching and I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you again and I look forward to keeping in touch."


Jennifer C, Real Estate Student
Spring 2016. Real Estate with Peter Glover
"I have finally taken my real estate exam and passed! I decided to not rush into taking the test after cramming all 5 classes into one semester. But I was nervous because of that I wouldn't remember everything. I wanted to thank you. You made the subjects, even the ones you didn't directly teach. Easy to understand."

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