R.B. Visits the Big Apple

r.b. train station
My friend Alanna invited me to visit her family in New York this summer. As a city bat, how could I resist?!!
As soon as we got off the train, I stretched my wings and flew a few laps around Grand Central station. Built in 1913, the station is renowned for its architecture and ceiling artwork of constellations and the night sky. It was a marvel to see it up close! Later in the day, we stopped by Union Square for some Polish food and visited the Hayden Planetarium in the evening to learn about dark matter from none other than Neil deGrasse Tyson!
Later in the week, we explored the Bronx. Alanna took me for a stroll in the New York Botanical Gardens where they had an art exhibit of work from famous botanical painter Georgia O’Keeffe. Her paintings of Hawaiian flora had me dreaming about island life, but the New York Botanical rose garden and arboretum were a short walk away and just as lovely.
I had so much fun exploring NYC, both above on the streets and below on the subways. I learned a lot and was exposed to so many cultures in just a few days. I can’t wait to go back and get another hot dog!
r.b. in front of museum