R.B. Explores Portugal

A pal of mine took me along on his recent travel to Portugal.  My favorite building was the Palace of Raio built in the 1750s.  The Azulejo tiles covering the facade are a typical sight around Portugal. The intense blue color combined with the Baroque style of the building was particularly appealing and made a great photo-op, don’t ya think?

While walking around Braga,  we stumbled upon a colorful sea of flowers in what is called the Garden of Santa Barbara. I just had to inhale and take it all in.  Life is beautiful.

Braga doesn’t have a large international airport so we took the train to Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, to catch a flight home. During the train ride, I took in as much of the views as I could while the train reached 135 mph during some of the ride. Choo choo!

I love flying and having the chance to spread my wings but when having to travel across an ocean, I prefer doing it by airplane and let someone else do the flying.