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Election Code


Table of Contents 


  1. Election Commissioner’s Letter. 


  1. Members of the 2019 Election Commission. 


III. Election Code. 

  • Article 1: Election Authority. 
  • Article 2: Office of the Election Commissioner. 
  • Article 3: Duties of the Election Commissioner. 
  • Article 4: Duties of the Election Commission. 
  • Article 5: Campaign Regulation 
  • Article 6: Candidate Requirements 


  1. Election Timeline. 


  1. SGA Open Positions. 
  1. Election Commissioner’s Letter

Dear Prospective Candidate, 


My name is Precious Ohemeng with the Election Commission for the Austin Community College Student Government Association (SGA). On behalf of the student body, I want to congratulate you on your decision to run for a position in SGA. The Student Government Association is an important instrument at Austin Community College. The SGA is an association of governance, student advocacy and integrity. Each position in the Student Government Association is a vital component to the function of the College, all student organizations, campuses and all around student life at ACC. 


The SGA is looking for candidates who are driven, committed, and who have a desire to work for the student body, and most importantly, SGA is searching for students eager to lead and represent the ACC community. 


As part of the SGA you will: 

  • Represent the interests of the student body during your term. 
  • Partner with the ACC administration to advocate on behalf of the student body. 
  • Develop your leadership and professional skills. 
  • Uphold the Student Government Association constitution. 
  • Initiate legislation to address student related issues and affairs. 
  • Become familiar with, understand, and utilize parliamentary procedures. 
  • Maintain required GPA and credit hours 


Serving in such a vital leadership position will offer you great rewards. In SGA you will gain invaluable leadership skills, networking opportunities, and knowledge outside of your major that will open doors to you as you embark on your career. 


Thank you again for your interest in representing your fellow peers at the Austin Community College district and for taking the initiative to serve as an elected officer of the Student Government Association. 


Election Commissioner, 

Student Government Association.


  1. Membership – Election Commission 2020


  • Election Commissioner – Precious Ohemeng
  • Secretary – Harrison Stotts
  • Election Monorater 1 – Magnolia Hammer


III. Election Code


Article 1: Election Authority 


1(a) The membership of the Election Commission shall comprise of a Commissioner, Secretary, and no fewer than three 


1(b) The Election Commission is the final authority on the Election process and shall oversee all election disputes. 


1(c) The Election Commission shall abide by the most recent edition of the SGA Election Code.


1(d) The Election Commission quorum shall be a minimum of 3 voting members.


1(e) The Election Code shall establish the rules governing the election 

campaigns, which is to be established by the Election Commission no later than four weeks before the first day of the Spring elections. 


1(f) The Election Code shall establish the methods and logistics of an election, which is to be established by the Election Commission no later than four weeks before the first day of the Spring elections.


1(g) The date of the fall elections shall be determined prior to the proposed election date(s) upon the recommendation of the Student Government Sponsor and approved by a majority vote of the Election Commission members. 


1(h) Elections shall be held annually during the Spring semester.


1(i) Elections shall be moved to the fall semester in the case of any unforeseen circumstances. 


1(j) Each student shall have one vote for each officer position on the election ballot with the exception of the offices of President and Vice President which run on the same ticket. In cases where there are two campus senator positions, a student shall have one vote for each seat. 


Article 2: Office of the Election Commissioner 


2(a) The SGA President shall appoint an Election Commissioner with the approval of a majority of the Senate present and voting. The Election Commissioner shall hold his office for the entire fall or Spring semesters, or until the Election process is over; provided that the Election Commissioner may be removed from office by the SGA President for cause if approved by 2/3 of the senators voting and present. 


2(b) The Election Commissioner shall be the chief Election officer. 


2(c) The Election Commissioner shall have access to funding for up to 10% of the SGA annual budget to promote the election if needed 

Article 3: Duties of the Election Commissioner 


3(a) The Election Commissioner shall have the overall supervision and administration of the election and shall perform such duties as prescribed by the SGA Constitution and Bylaws, which shall include, but are not limited to the following: 


3(b) To approve all members of the Election Commission with the approval of a majority of the Senate present and voting. 


3(c) To bring to a vote important decisions as deemed necessary to the Election Commission, or when requested by consensus of the Election Commission. Approval of the motion must be by a 2/3 vote. 


3(d) To require expense reports from candidates during the Election process, and to determine if an election code violation has occurred (i.e. handouts, posters, flyers ,etc) 


3(e) To review and examine any irregularities or any alleged violation of the Election Code. 


3(f) To receive all application registration from candidates and verify eligibility. 


3(g) To chair and conduct a debate between the candidates for President and Vice-President to be held on ACC facilities or virtually. Further to require all Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates to prepare a one page statement of their goals and objectives if elected which the Commission will cause to be electronically distributed to students throughout the college.


Article 4. Duties of the Election Commission 


4(a) The Election Commission shall serve as a clearinghouse and resource of  information and review of procedures with respect to the administration of the elections.


4(b) Shall have the authority to vote upon consensus, before making an important decision and/or before making a significant change to the Election Code approval of the motion must be by a 2/3 vote. 


4(c) Shall promote and inform the student body about the SGA elections. 


4(d) Shall perform other tasks assigned by the Commissioner. 


Article 5: Campaign Regulations 


5(a) All applicants should be knowledgeable of the SGA Constitution, and the SGA Senator’s Handbook. 


5(b) All applicants should be knowledgeable of the 2020 Election Code 


5(c) The Election Commission with the assistance of their Coordinator must verify the GPA of each candidate in order for them to be approved as a candidate. The candidate’s GPA must be 2.5 or above to qualify. 


5(d) Only approved applicants by the Election Commission are considered candidates to run for any SGA office during the election. 


5(e) Dishonest acts such as but not limited to: Election Code violations, untruthful claims, slander, libel, aggression, are sufficient for disqualification of an applicant at the Election Commissioner’s discretion. 


5(f) All campaigns will be run in an ethical manner with mutual respect shown towards other candidates, ACC student body, ACC faculty, ACC staff, and members of the public at all times. 


5(g) Candidates are responsible for notifying of any Election Code violations to the Election Commission and/or the SGA Sponsor or Coordinator. 


5(h) Candidates are responsible for their own campaigns. The campaign spending limit per candidate is $500 including every source of money and/or donation for campus posts and $1000 for college wide posts 


5(i) All candidates must present the campaign’s financial disclosure statements at the end of the electoral process. 


5(j) No printed or any other type of material shall be permitted that is; profane, slanderous, libelous, misleading, salacious or dishonest. Further, material may not be  degrading to an opponent ACC student body, ACC faculty, ACC staff, or members of the public. All campaign material shall be submitted to the Election Commission for approval under this standard and the Commission shall have 48 hours from submission to reject or approve all material.


5(k) The Election Commission shall establish appropriate rules for the qualifications and election of Constituent Senators at the same time Campus Senators are elected. 


Article 6: Candidate Requirements 


6(a) Candidates must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5. Students who are in their first semester are exempt. 


6(b) Candidates must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours. 


6(c) Candidates must not be on either academic or disciplinary probation.


6(d) To ensure governability and continuity, the offices of President and Vice President shall run together as a team. 


6(e) To be eligible to run for the offices of President/Vice President, the candidates shall have been SGA officers have been present for at least 4 meetings during the previous academic year prior to the election.


6(f) All candidates are required to fill out the SGA Election Candidate Application Form completely. 


6(g) All Executive Board candidates are required to meet with the current president after submitting the SGA Election Candidate Application. 


6(h) To be eligible to run for an Executive Board position, all candidates must have attended at least two SGA General Assembly Meetings.


  1. Election Timeline 

May 1, 2020 

  • Election Code presented to SGA at general meeting 
  • Election Code is posted online, available at SGA office 


August 31, 2020 -September 7, 2020 

The Election Commission reviews candidate applications 

  •  Applicants will receive an official response within 48 hours after filing for office that requirements have been meet via ACC email. The Election Commission’s Secretary is responsible for sending all correspondence to the applicants. 


September 10, 2020 – September 17, 2020

Submissions are only accepted at the SGA office or acc.studentgov@gmail.com 

  1. The Election Commission will approve or reject within 48 hours after the submission. 


September 18, 2020 – September 26, 2020

Online voting 


Winner announced September 27, 2020.


  1. SGA Open Positions. 

Executive Board 

President and Vice President 



Director of Communications 




Campus Senators 

Cypress Creek Campus Senators (2) 

Eastview Campus Senators (2) 

Elgin Campus Senators (2) 

Hays Campus Senators (2)

Highland Campus Senators (2) 

Northridge Campus Senators (2) 

Pinnacle/ San Gabriel Campus Senators (2) 

Rio Grande Campus Senators (2) 

Riverside Campus Senators (2) 

Round Rock Campus Senators (2) 

South Campus Senators (2) 


Constituency Senators

 Accessibility Services Students (2) 

Distance Learning Students (2) 

Veteran Students (2) 

International Students (2) 

Hispanic (2) 

African-American (2) 

Asian American (2) 





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