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Compliance and Awareness Programming

Our educational awareness programming includes Title IX, the Clery Act, and Bystander Intervention programs, which teach students about the policies, implications, and prevention efforts regarding sexual violence and dating violence. 

Bystander Intervention is a way for students to STEP UP when they see a potentially harmful situation that could lead to domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Student Life, the Office of Compliance, & ACC’s District Clinical Counselors host these workshops to teach students how to safely speak up and intervene and provide them with the tools and resources needed to become active bystanders.

Austin Community College’s Consent Campaign serves as ACC’s visual reminder that highlights what affirmative consent is.

Consent is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY. Affirmative consent is defined as permission granted by someone of legal age that does not take advantage of mental/intellectual disabilities. Individuals can not provide consent if they are incapacitated. Consent must be verbal, conscious, willingly given, enthusiastic, continuous, and revocable.

For more in-depth information, including a full State definition, please visit austincc.edu/titleix.

Break the silence against gender violence by creating a shirt with Student
Life to be displayed on your campus throughout April in this collective art
project called The Clothesline Project.

Take Back the Night (TBTN) with ACC Student Life and commemorate an 
international day of action bringing attention to sexual and domestic violence
on college campuses. TBTN will include a resource fair, campus march, speak
out event and more. We encourage the entire ACC community to attend.