Planning Process

Chancellor Touch Point (July 26, 2022)

An initial conference with the president is scheduled to understand current context, planning work done to date, and wishes/needs from the presidential vantage point as we enter the process.

Leadership Team Retreat (September 6 & 7, 2022)

This one-and-one-half-day retreat for the Chancellor’s cabinet serves multiple purposes. After reviewing the Thriving Framework and your team’s Diagnostic Tool results, we will focus on creating consensus around strategic priorities that will have the greatest impact on the campus. We will also discuss and design the planning process milestones and form a strategic planning team. Based on the collaborative work from Day One, the consultant team produces the initial draft of the strategy map for review by the cabinet. The version presented on Day Two represents the first of many drafts, as the map will change and evolve throughout the strategic planning process.

Community Engagement

ACC Community Days -Faculty & Staff

Fall – September 16, 2022 

Spring – March 24, 2023

Faculty and staff will learn about the process the consultants are guiding us through to develop our new strategic plan. Then participants will be introduced to the draft themes that have been gathered to date and will be asked to give input on the themes and recommendations for possible initiatives. The results of the Community Day are compiled, synthesized, and analyzed by the consultant for later use in the SPI process.

Regional Advisory Committees (March 24, 2023)

The consultant will conduct a focus group with the Regional Advisory Committees to solicit their input on themes and give them an opportunity to offer ideas.

Workforce Partners (Date to be determined)

The consultant will conduct a focus group with ACC’s workforce partners to solicit their input on themes and give them an opportunity to offer ideas.

ACC Board of Trustee Retreat (May 1, 2023)

During this three-hour event, the consultant delivers an overview of the nine elements of thriving institutions, reviews the Thriving Scorecard approach to planning, and collects input on the themes developed in the Leadership Retreat. The results of the Board Retreat are compiled, synthesized, and analyzed by the consultant for later use in the SPI process.

Planning Team One (Ongoing)

This full-day, on-campus event is for the Planning Team, which expands beyond the Leadership Team to include more voices in the process -another critical step for community engagement and buy-in. At this meeting, the consultant’s analysis of the board and community input are reviewed, the Thriving Scorecard Process is introduced, the strategy map is reviewed and updated as necessary, draft metrics are developed, and the timeline is reviewed. Theme teams are established and given their charge and timeline.

Theme Teams (Ongoing)

The primary charge of the Theme Teams, which are led by members of the Planning Team, is to deepen community engagement and buy-in by inviting more community members into the process. This series of four two-hour meetings engage the broader campus community by introducing them to the strategy map and guiding them through the community and board data sets. At the end of these meetings, Theme Team members will have initiatives to present to the Planning Team for consideration for implementation. These meetings typically take place over a two-month period, with virtual support by the consultant.

Community Feedback

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee has been analyzing all the wonderful community input gathered over the past few months. The over 4,000 recommendations from students, faculty, and staff have been narrowed down to initiatives that are in-line with the strategic plan themes and Key Performance Indicators. Now it’s time to test the initiatives with ACC students, faculty, and staff.

Please plan to attend one or several strategic plan drop-ins to learn more about the initiatives for the
new strategic plan. Each one-hour session, led by a facilitator, will cover one of the three themes –
Equity and Access, Impact & Value, and Focus & Alignment. After initiatives for a theme are presented, attendees will participate in a poll to gauge alignment and enthusiasm followed by questions and discussion. In-person and virtual Drop-ins are open to all ACC students, faculty, and staff.

Please follow this link for dates, location, and Zoom link.

Other opportunities to give feedback include:

  • Presentations during your next scheduled Association Meeting:
    • Faculty Senate – June 9 th
    • Adjunct Faculty Association – June 23 rd
    • Association of Applied Technical Employees – June 29 the
    • Classified Association – July 7th
  • Self-guided online access to a feedback presentation and poll
  • Student sessions
    • In Person at the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Center – June 22nd, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    • Virtual Zoom Meeting – June 22nd, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
    • In Person at HLC1000 Social Staircase: Lower Landing – June 29th, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Planning Team Two (Ongoing)

A day-long Planning Team Two meeting is facilitated by the consultant team onsite to bring the plan into final shape and ensure that the strategic initiatives align with the most important goals of the plan. The Theme Teams’ work is pivotal to the success of this day. By the end of this day, all launching initiatives are prioritized and include a description, success metric, owner, sponsor, budget, and timeframe.

Community Affirmation & Board Approval (August 2023)

The Chancellor brings the completed strategy map with underlying targets, measures, initiatives, and projects before the faculty and staff for affirmation/information and to the board for their final approval. The consultant supports this readiness with two scheduled virtual calls post-Planning Team Two to assist with leadership readiness to present the plan.

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