Chancellor’s 2021-22 Priorities

 Six Chancellor’s Priorities guided college planning and initiatives throughout 2021-22.  

Reduce Equity Gaps

Reduce equity gaps in student access and success by increasing diversity and strengthening student programming and training for faculty and staff.


  • Leverage the Equity Council and Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center to educate, enable, and mobilize members of our college and community to advance equity and inclusion efforts.
  • Embed an understanding of strength-based, equity-minded decision-making and cultural proficiency-based action across the college.
  • Increase racial diversity of faculty hired (African-American, Hispanic, Asian & Other Non-White FT Faculty).
  • Increase enrollment through the implementation of Strategic Enrollment Plan strategies and tactics.

Modernize ACC’s Technology Resources

Modernize ACC’s technology resources to enhance the student experience and ensure employees have adequate resources to effectively do their jobs.

  • Creation of a data hub to enable data sharing and system integrations leading to increased visibility, collaboration, and targeted efforts to improve student outcomes and operational efficiency.
  • Implement the Human Resources and Finance modules of Workday, the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), and plan for Student Information System modules.
  • Enhance and expand the use of the Salesforce Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) platform and begin implementation of Salesforce CRM.
  • Implement Curriculum Management System.

Provide an Exceptional Online Education

Provide an Exceptional Online Education that is accessible for all students by expanding the scale and quality of ACC Online — the Virtual College of the Future.

  • Promote equitable outcomes for all students enrolled in online programs and courses.
  • Expand ongoing professional development for faculty and staff.
  • Close the “digital divide” with increased support for online students.

Help Central Texans Get Back to Work and Started on a Career Path

Help Central Texans get back to work and started on a career path by enhancing student opportunities for job entry and career progress.

  • Expand the ACC Career Scholars Program
  • Increase opportunities for students to earn credit for prior learning.
  • Grow the numbers of students completing short-term (Fast Track) credential programs and career pathways.
  • Expand opportunities for students’ experiential learning and career readiness.
  • Expand the collection and reporting of employment/income outcomes for completers of ACC workforce programs.

Increase Course Success Rates and Accelerate Degree Completion

Increase Course Success Rates and Accelerate Degree Completion by promoting innovation in teaching and learning.

  • Decrease withdrawal rates in the top high enrollment courses.
  • Increase the percent of students completing 15 SCH in one year.
  • Increase the percentage of students completing college-level English and Math in their first year.
  • Reduce the time to award and excess credit hours for degree completers.
  • Continue to increase the number of ACC transfers and completers.

Foster a Safe Physical and Cultural Environment

Foster a safe physical and cultural environment in which students and employees can thrive.

  • Safely reopen all ACC facilities to support student enrollment, persistence, and completion.
  • Implement and provide training on the 3 Cs and assess the impact on employee’s satisfaction.
  • Implement and provide training on the 3 Cs and assess the impact on student satisfaction.
  • Improve information sharing between organizational units in a manner that ensures a clear, effective, and timely flow of relevant information to increase employee and student satisfaction.

Strategic Plan Goals & Priorities

The Chancellor’s priorities are designed to make the most progress toward achieving ACC’s Strategic Plan goals.

The Chancellor's priorities are designed to make the most progress toward achieving ACC's Strategic Plan goals.

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