“How To Stay Sane During Grading Season” Challenge, Results

The Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED)’s tried out a new email campaign that we called the “How To Stay Sane During Grading Season” Challenge. We know the end of the semester can be hectic for faculty. That’s why TLED conceived this ten-day, quick-hit intensive to help them shed the procrastination and fast track their way to winter break. When faculty registered, they signed up to receive a new challenge straight to their inbox for 10 consecutive days between December 11th through December 20th (when all final grades are due). These daily challenges were meant to enhance productivity in ten minutes or less and keep faculty calm & carrying on as our Fall 2017 semester wrapped up. Each exercise was backed by research and was carefully curated to help faculty stay on track through the chaos that the end of the semester brings (without losing their sanity!).

Many of our ACC faculty complain about receiving too many emails. However, this challenge provided an opportunity to opt in to even more. We were delighted to have 84 participants!

Welcome Message


Day One – Planning for Success with Time Blocking


Day Two – Choose Your Own Brain Sweep


Day Three – Get Moving


Day Four – Cute Baby Animals Will Make You Feel Better


Day Five – Declutter Your Space, Declutter Your Mind


Day Six – Do Not Disturb with Pomodoro


Day Seven – Coloring is just as cool as an adult


Day Eight – Use Brain.fm to Train Your Focus


Day Nine – How Our Bodies Change Our Minds


Day Ten – Cultivate Mindfulness Through Meditation


Evaluations for the event were sent out to all participants on December 21, 2017. The survey was closed on January 22, 2018. We received a 9.5% response rate. A summary of participant comments about the challenge can be found here.

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