All TLED 2017 Winter Event, Event Results

Friday, December 15, 2017 the Teaching and Learning Excellence Division – TLED held an all TLED 2017 Winter Event, at the Eastview Campus. The event began with an

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invigorating, important, and interactive talk with Dr. Martha Ramos Duffer, on Systemic Shifts Towards Equity. She outlined with graphs and “in your face” data the problems and inequalities apparent in today’s societal system, and here at ACC. Dr. Ramos Duffer engaged the audience and had everyone discuss what needed to be changed and ways to enact such changes while imploring the need to be an active part of the change. Dr. Ramos Duffer left the room heavy, but hopeful and inspired. Following the morning with Dr. Martha Ramos Duffer and a lunch break, the event resumed with Child Care and Development faculty member, Gale Spear, who spoke on the importance of early education and how the first four years in early development set the stage for all subsequent learning and understanding. Though ACC is adult education, it is important to understand how different early childhood development will have a direct impact on college courses and to be mindful of individual learning abilities. The event concluded with an informative speech by the ACC Compliance Manager, Charlene Buckley, on Title IX compliance for both students and faculty/staff. The audience was given a history and understanding of what Title IX is, and the importance of knowing what to do in any situation included under the rule’s umbrella.

The 2017 TLED Winter Event was a day aimed at understanding, and working to create a safe and equal ACC for our entire community. It was the first of many events focused on cultural competence training.

Photos from the event can be viewed on Facebook.

Evaluations for the event were sent out to all participants on December 18, 2017. The survey was closed on January 16, 2018. We received a 35% response rate. A summary of participant comments about the event can be found here.

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