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The Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) has many offices under its umbrella, all of which focus on faculty support services in one form or fashion. We regularly share information about our resources and opportunities to keep faculty up to date and apprised of significant initiatives impacting the college.

This month, we’re featuring the “Behind the Scenes” work of Faculty Communications. Led by Courtney Grams, Faculty Engagement 

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Courtney & her editorial calendar

Coordinator, these initiatives seek to educate and empower faculty to get more involved with TLED resources and opportunities.

The Teaching & Learning Excellence Division was created in December 2016 to combine 10+ instructional support service areas under one umbrella. Previously, each individual department within this division determined their own communication strategy. Faculty tend to receive information about resources and programming in piecemeal, with no structured format or timing for the release of that information. Often heard is the complaint that faculty are “inundated with emails” to the point where they disengage. In June 2017 Courtney began work to create a comprehensive communication plan to alleviate those faculty concerns and more.

Faculty engagement is central to this communications work. When faculty are more engaged in their classroom, department, and institution, students are more successful on their educational journey. It’s important that every ACC educator feel active, informed, motivated, and fulfilled “from hire to retire.”

Courtney has implemented a consistent process for sharing TLED information with the college, focussing specifically on faculty. Each month, faculty receive a newsletter that highlights teaching & learning successes – whether those successes are within TLED or inside the classroom (subscribe here). Additionally, a weekly events digest is shared to keep faculty informed of the professional development available to them (subscribe here). You can find a full archive of these publications on the TLED Updates website.  

Faculty can look forward to receiving a survey this Summer where they can provide feedback on TLED’s new faculty communications work. See more details about this work online at

A webcast featuring Faculty Communications will be available on Wednesday, May 23rd at 10:30 am. Tune in online to learn about TLED’s email marketing tools, outreach strategies, and more.


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