Behind the Scenes, Featuring Instructional Technology

The Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) has many offices under its umbrella, all of which focus on support services for faculty in one form or fashion. We regularly share information about our resources and opportunities to keep faculty up to date and apprised of significant initiatives impacting the college.

This month, we’re featuring the “Behind the Scenes” work of Instructional Technology, which includes web, video, streaming, and multimedia & classroom support services. The teams under this area can truly be described as “behind the scenes” employees. They’re the creatives who install & maintain our classroom technology, design our instructional websites, and produce video projects for student learning opportunities and more.

Take a peek at a sampling of the services these folks provide for the college.

Classroom Technology Support

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Our Faculty & Instructional Support Specialists, led by Rene Renteria, are the immediate point of contact for general daily classroom assistance, helping address issues with:

  • Audio/visual technology in classrooms,
  • Training on use of classroom equipment and technology,
  • Analyzing hardware and software functionality in classrooms, and
  • Providing advanced software and peripherals support, training, and assistance to faculty and staff in the Faculty Resource Centers (FRC)

Video Projects

TLED has a collection of audio-visual professionals who specialize in the creation of instructional media and content. They have the ability to take projects from concept to completion and offer an array of services dealing with video, audio, motion graphics, and 3D animation. This group is led by Nancy Holden and functions as a one-stop-shop for the Teaching and Learning Excellence Division and its affiliate departments. They help faculty and staff navigate the waters by offering multiple audio-visual solutions to best fit the needs of their class, program, or department. Examples of projects from this group include: creating an instructional podcast with professional sound and voiceover, developing visually driven content as part of course curriculum, and promoting instructional initiatives. The expertise of our Instructional Video staff is vast and they do a wonderful job of marrying instructional design with audio-visual content solutions. See samples of their work in our Learning Depot.

Web Design & Maintenance

TLED is doing web design in a whole new way. Gone are the days where departments have to manage their own web presence. We now have a whole Instructional Web team led by Robert Ferguson that is dedicated to building, designing, and maintaining departmental websites. This new team is taking a full-service approach in their processes. Our web experts are available to help with content strategy, accessibility design, and analysis to provide data-driven decision making.

Currently, our team is working with the Public & Social Services (PSS) Area of Study to get all of their departmental websites up and running on our new servers. Stay tuned for PSS’s enhanced web presence and learn more about their Dean’s leadership of this project in our Faculty Spotlight for March 2018.

Audio/Video Design & Installations

Our Multimedia Installation team is always on the move! ACC is rapidly expanding and renovating. Technological advances are going at a fast clip (with no sign of slowing down), and that means that we have to keep up. Paul Johnson’s team of tech wizards can be found producing Board of Trustee meetings, updating computer labs in older campuses, or even installing wiring at new sites. No two days are alike for this crew.

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Live Streaming & Webinars

Whether you’re hosting a special event (like General Assembly) or want to connect your class to a colleague over the web, we’ve got the software and tools for you. We facilitate the use of LiveStream and Webex and provide equipment check out and technical support.

A webcast featuring Instructional Technology will be available on Wednesday, March 28th at 10:30 am. Tune in online to learn more in-depth information about the services from this area, initiatives they have in the works, and more.

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