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The Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) has many offices under its umbrella, all of which focus on support services for faculty in one form or fashion. Throughout 2017 TLED has been working to reorganize these areas and communicate these changes and innovations to the college at large.

This month, we’re featuring the “Behind the Scenes” work of the Office of Distance & Alternative Learning. Led by the Dean of Distance Learning, Dr. Erasmus Addae, this team works to support distance learning instructors as well as their students for an enhanced online & hybrid learning experience.

In the Spring of 1979 Austin Community College only had two online/hybrid courses and 231 students enrolled. Now, Distance Learning has become our largest “campus” in terms of the volume of students. We’ve reach a height of 433 courses with over 10,000 students enrolled, and this area just continues to grow.

A webcast featuring Distance & Alternative Learning will be available on Wednesday, November 8th at 10:30am. Tune in online to learn about the new initiatives coming from this area, including the Distance Learning Task Force, Quality Matters, and more.

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Get to know the Office of Distance & Alternative Learning staff below.

Erasmus Addae, Ph.D., Dean

Erasmus has been with ACC since February 2017. He serves as the dean of the Distance and is committed to collaborative partnership-building between the Office Distance and Alternative Learning and the ACC academic community and beyond. He embraces a learner-centered approach, with a focus on enhancing access to quality distance learning, while providing the support services necessary to facilitate student success. He has a strong interest in using technology when appropriate to address challenges such as retention and student success, and engagement in distance learning.

Chris Davis, Distance Learning Assistant

Chris has been a member of the Distance Learning team since 2008 focussing on the Distance Testing program. In 2015 he took over control of the program and recently was appointed the role of the Virtual College of Texas Coordinator for ACC. Chris’ goal is to help students continue their education anywhere around the world in as easy a manner as possible for both the student and the faculty teaching them.

Pam Montalbano, Administrative Assistant III

Pam has served the Dean of Distance Learning since her start at ACC in 1999. She enjoys spending free time with her grandchildren.

Clark Peterson, Supervisor Support Services

Clark has been at ACC since 2006 and currently also serves as the Interim Director of the Virtual College of Texas (VCT). Clark enjoys playing tennis when not at work.

Amy Setter, Support Services Specialist

Amy has been in Distance Learning since 2001 and supports special projects and webpages for this area of the college.

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