Blackboard Support Gets an Upgrade

Written by Courtney Grams

Blackboard Support for ACC instructors is getting an upgrade. An entirely new, comprehensive knowledge base is available to answer all your Blackboard questions in one place. Need to copy your course content? Or download a grade center report? Step-by-step instructions are now available online 24-7.

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What makes this knowledge base special?

Centralized & Searchable Information

Blackboard Support is your new hub for all things Blackboard. No need to hunt around ACC’s various websites to find help.

On Blackboard Support you’ll find:

  • Step-by-step instructions for every feature in Blackboard
  • Notices for maintenance
  • Announcements for upgrades & new features
  • Upcoming Blackboard events & training
  • Contact information for on-campus assistance

The search feature is super smart. If you’re not finding an answer to your specific search or question, the site considers this an “unsuccessful search.” Our LMS Analyst receives “unsuccessful search” reports to inform what documentation should be added to the knowledge base to keep it up to date.

Tailored for ACC

The new Blackboard Support knowledge base is tailored to the way ACC professors use Blackboard. If you’ve ever used the generic Blackboard Help function before, you’ve seen how unhelpful the guides can be. Often it doesn’t align with the version or features of Blackboard that ACC uses.

That’s the magic of our home-grown Blackboard Support website. All tutorials are created for ACC’s version of Blackboard with the features that are available at ACC. And – once you’ve mastered the basics – this Support platform also gives you the opportunity to explore features you haven’t tried before.

Always Updated

Tutorials are written FOR FACULTY. At the bottom of each, you’ll find a quick poll asking you to let our experts know if the information was helpful. This feedback gives us the opportunity to clarify instructions or add more detail to documentation when needed.

Our LMS Analyst is the first to know when changes are going to impact the way faculty use Blackboard. That means the knowledge base will always be updated in advance to help faculty prepare for changes in features.

Adaptable for Students

Future plans for this platform include creating tutorials specifically to support student use of Blackboard. Stay tuned!

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