Build an assignment bank, March 2018 Sustainable Assignment

2017-18 Teaching and Learning Excellence Division Calendar: Sustainable Assignments for Student Engagement and Meaningful Learning

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For March, the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division calendar: “Producing Sustainable Assignments for Student Engagement” focuses on building an assignment bank as a type of sustainable assignment. One of the goals of teaching and learning excellence is to create engaging learning experiences for students. Traditional assignments typically end when they are graded. Sustainable assignments, on the other hand, can provide meaningful learning experiences that last beyond the classroom.

To help build the assignment bank, introduce your students to different examples of assignments to get them started. Students can create their own assignments based on predetermined criteria. Before submission, students can review classmates’ assignments to offer feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Share the assignment bank through an online searchable database or website. Assignments can be rated for difficulty and time on task needed for completion. Like the question bank discussed in our February blog, new students can add their own assignments and/or revise those already in the bank.

An example of how students can create their own assignment bank is the DS106 digital storytelling course from the University of Mary Washington. Explore the student created assignments for DS106 available via their online website. To learn more about the background of the DS106 course an about page is also available and a history page. Also available is an open course version of DS106.

If you’re an ACC faculty member interested in using sustainable assignments for your class, contact a TLED instructional designer.

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