Create a Digital Learning Object, November 2017 Sustainable Assignment

2017-18 Teaching and Learning Excellence Division Calendar: Sustainable Assignments for Student Engagement and Meaningful Learning

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For November, the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division calendar: “Producing Sustainable Assignments for Student Engagement” focuses on creating a digital learning object as a type of sustainable assignment. One of the goals of teaching and learning excellence is to create engaging learning experiences for students. Traditional assignments typically end when they are graded. Sustainable assignments, on the other hand, can provide meaningful learning experiences that last beyond the classroom.

Digital learning objects are instructional components that are reusable and shareable. Digital learning objects can be videos, podcasts, or other types of media. They are only limited by the imagination. Students can create a digital learning object to explain a concept or idea. Subsequent classes can update previous digital learning objects or build their own to add to the collection. Instructors can share them through a class website to make them available for future students and interested communities.

For an example of how learning objects can work in a course, read about Dr. Simon Bates’ experience with having his PHYS 101: Energy and Waves students create learning objects.  Dr. Simon Bates is a professor of teaching in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of British Columbia.

If you’re an ACC faculty member interested in using sustainable assignments for your class, contact a TLED instructional designer.

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