Faculty Spotlight: Gracias, Merci, and Thank You to the Foreign Language Department!

The Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) highlights faculty successes in and out of the classroom as often as possible to celebrate #ACCexcellence. We call these folks Champions of Teaching & Learning Excellence.

As previously announced, Administrate Rule #4.01.006 Course Materials Orders was approved and is in the process of going into effect. This AR supports processes that contribute to student success by providing them accurate information about required and recommended course materials at the time of registration. In anticipation of the transition to FacultyEnlight for textbook course materials ordering, departments still using Ellucian were encouraged to instead submit spring 2018 orders via FacultyEnlight.

We want to thank the Foreign Language department for being early adopters to the new FacultyEnlight system. Foreign Language was the first instructional department this semester to have submitted 100% of their course material orders using FacultyEnlight. Shout out to Rahelina Razanadrafara, Vanessa Lazo, and Becky Jaimes for all their hard work!

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