Generate a Wikipedia entry project, April 2018 Sustainable Assignment

2017-18 Teaching and Learning Excellence Division Calendar: Sustainable Assignments for Student Engagement and Meaningful Learning

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For April, the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division calendar: “Producing Sustainable Assignments for Student Engagement” focuses on generating a Wikipedia entry project as a type of sustainable assignment. One of the goals of teaching and learning excellence is to create engaging learning experiences for students. Traditional assignments typically end when they are graded. Sustainable assignments, on the other hand, can provide meaningful learning experiences that last beyond the classroom.

Wikipedia allows users to submit entries that can be updated by other users. A wiki entry project is a group of users who contribute to a specific topic. To get started, review the Wikipedia format and submission process with your students. Choose a topic of focus and create a rubric to guide peer feedback. Contributions are vetted through Wikipedia’s submission process.

If accepted, your students’ articles will be available on Wikipedia. Future students can review and update previous classmates’ articles and/or create their own to contribute and keep the project going beyond the course.

Read about how The University of British Columbia’s class SPAN312 — “Murder, Madness, and Mayhem: Latin American Literature in Translation” created a Wiki Project.

If you’re an ACC faculty member interested in using sustainable assignments for your class, contact a TLED instructional designer.

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