Organize a student conference, June 2018 Sustainable Assignment

2017-18 Teaching and Learning Excellence Division Calendar: Sustainable
Assignments for Student Engagement and Meaningful Learning

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For June, the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division calendar: “Producing
Sustainable Assignments for Student Engagement” focuses on organizing a student
conference as a type of sustainable assignment. One of the goals of teaching and
learning excellence is to create engaging learning experiences for students. Traditional
assignments typically end when they are graded. Sustainable assignments, on the other
hand, can provide meaningful learning experiences that last beyond the classroom.

A student-led conference is a great way to culminate the semester and showcase your
students’ work. Additionally, students get the opportunity to expose their ideas to real-world feedback. Students can help with organizing the conference, choosing the theme,
and spreading the word to their peers and communities.

Use streaming technologies to open the conference to a wider audience. Post your students’ posters and papers online to widen the circle of sharing and raise their chances of an impact outside the classroom. Create a toolkit to share with others on how to organize a student-led conference and make it available online.

If you’re an ACC faculty member interested in using sustainable assignments for your
class, contact a TLED instructional designer.

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