Sneak Peek: One-stop-shop faculty website debuting this March

Written by Courtney Grams

As a division, we are dedicated to instructional support. We are development experts, frontline faculty support, and champions of teaching & learning excellence. We exist to enhance the faculty experience at Austin Community College.

To this end, our web team has been hard at work finalizing Phase III of our website – a one-stop-shop that combines all faculty resources in one spot. A place where faculty can easily discover the services that we provide to them. The singular bookmarked site a faculty member would need to be successful in all aspects of their job at ACC.

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We’re excited to debut this work of art in March and want to give you a sneak peek! With sections devoted to “Semester Prep,” “Development Opportunities,” “Calendar,” and more, you’re sure to love the design, organization, and ease of use. We’ve tested a website draft with faculty in ACC’s student UX lab and are excited to continue improving the website based on the feedback we receive.

View a sneak peek at the beautiful landing page here and make sure to comment your initial reactions to the website below!

Shout out and special thanks to Michelle Atkinson, Rachel Barrera, Robert Ferguson, Robert Foster, Courtney Grams, Shea Scott, and Maria Youngman for all their hard work on this project!

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