Math Pretest

Question 1

Add. -6 + (-73) + 56 + (-33)

Start by grouping terms that have the same sign.

Question 2

Subtract. -10 - (-6)

Change the subtraction to addition.

a - b = a + (-b)

Question 3

Multiply. -5\cdot(-6)\cdot(-9)

Multiply the absolute values.

Negative x Negative = Positive,

Negative x Positive = Negative

Question 4

Divide. -56\div4

Negative divided by negative = Positive

Negative divided by positive = Negative

Positive divided by negative = Negative

Question 5

Simplify. 3\cdot(5+3)^2-4\times(6-4)^2

Order of Operations:


Exponents and Roots

Multiplication and Division

Addition and Subtraction

Question 6

Evaluate x + y for x = 5 and y = -7.

Substitute the values for x and y.

Question 7

Simplify. \frac{16}{18}

Cancel out the common factor.

Question 8

Add. Simplify the answer. \frac{4}{5} + \frac{1}{10} + \frac{5}{6}

Find the common denominator.

Question 9

Subtract. Write the answer as a mixed number. 13\frac{3}{4} - 4\frac{8}{9}

1. Write each fraction using the same LCD.

2. Subtract fractions first. You may need to borrow.

3. Reduce the final answer, if possible.

Question 10

Divide. Write the answer either as a whole number or as a mixed number. 5\frac{2}{9} \div 1\frac{5}{6}

  1. Start by writing each mixed number as an improper fraction.
  2. Change the division to multiplication. \frac{a}{b} \div \frac{c}{d} = \frac{a}{b} \times \frac{d}{c}
  3. Cancel factors common to the numerator and denominator.
  4. Then multiply across.
  5. Convert the answer to a mixed number.

Question 11

Add. 83.42 + 7 + 54.14 + 23.611

Write the numbers so that the decimal places are lined up.

Add zeros so that each number has the same number of decimal places.

Question 12

Subtract. 13 - 6.53

Write the numbers so that the decimal places are lined up.

Add zeros so that each number has the same number of decimal places.

Question 13

Multiply. 0.108 \cdot 0.09

Multiply without decimals.
The decimal place for the product will be equal to the sum of the decimal places of the factors.

Question 14

Divide: 0.06422 ÷ 0.038

Set up the division problem.

Move the decimal place in the divisor so that the divisor becomes a whole number. Move the decimal place in the dividend the same number of places.

Divide. Carry the decimal point up.

Question 15

Find the average of 63, 68, 54, 64, and 51.

To find an average, (1) Find the sum and (2) Divide by the count.

Question 16

The price of a car is $16,935. The manufacturer offers a rebate of $841. What is the final price of the car?

A rebate is a discount in price.

Question 17

A savings bank invests $58,800 in municipal bonds and earns 12% per year on the investment. How much money is earned per year?

Interest = Principal x Rate x Time

Question 18

Solve for r. 6r + 6 = 48

Isolate the variable.

Question 19

Solve for x. \frac{x}{26} = \frac{4}{13}

Solve the proportion by taking cross products.

Question 20

A student got 20 problems correct on a quiz. On a second attempt, the student got 30 problems correct. What was the percent of increase?

Percent Increase = Amount of Increase / Original Amount