An inference is a reasonable conclusion based on evidence that has a common point of reference.

The strategy explained in this section is:

Visualize or see what is happening when you are reading so that you actually see the evidence you need in order to make a reasonable conclusion.

A pencil has several teeth marks on it.

People are crowding around the entrance to a department store which won't open for another hour.

The street is all wet, but the sidewalks are dry.

Rhonda called her roommate, Ginny. "Hey, Ginny" Rhonda said sweetly. "I tried to call D but he must be in the shower or on the way. I can't use my cell here. We're supposed to go out tonight. Can you tell him to wait for me? Do you mind entertaining him until I get there?""No prob'…" Ginny smiled slowly, fantasizing about D in the shower."You're the best friend, ever! Oops, gotta' run! Bye."For the next 10 minutes, Ginny stared down from the upstairs apartment window, picturing D in his tight jeans, imagining the swagger in his walk. Suddenly, there he was, walking up the driveway like she imagined. Ginny heard D's footsteps on the carpeted stairs. Ginny felt her heart pounding. Stop it! Ginny thought. You know that D belongs to Rhonda and she is your best friend. But when she heard that manly knock on the door, Ginny whispered, "I don't care. D belongs with me." From the following statements below please select three statements that are implied by information within the passage.