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It is never okay to end an essay with a summary.

Choose all of the ways you can end an essay.

Analyze Some Examples

We want to give you examples of students’ writing processes so you can see what they look like. Read the situation; then, read each example and answer the questions that follow it.

The Situation

Professor Downey asked students to write about the following topic: Like other U.S. cities, the City is considering raising the tax on sugared drinks, sweets, and other foods that are unhealthy in order to deter people from unhealthy eating habits. Do you agree or disagree with this idea?

Reba's Response to the Writing Situation from Professor Downey

With the obesity epidemic getting so out of control, our government officials have to do all they can to try and prevent children from eating and drinking food and beverages with so many calories. If we don’t intervene now, we will have a generation of adults with major health problems like diabetes and hypertension. This will lead to increased healthcare costs and decreased life spans for everyone.

Questions about Reba's Response to the Writing Situation from Dr. Downey

Reba has written a paragraph that could be used as a conclusion for her essay.

Reba has used the following conclusion strategy in this essay:

Juan's Response to the Writing Situation from Professor Downey

Although taxing sugared drinks and foods sounds like a good idea, it is not the best idea for the reasons I discussed earlier in this essay. Instead of relying on taxes to change people’s behavior, we should rely on things like educational programs. Sweets and sodas will never go away, so it would be more effective to teach people how to use them responsibly then to have people simply pay more for them.

Questions about Juan's Response to the Writing Situation from Dr. Downey

Juan's conclusion is probably just a summary of what he discussed in his essay.

Juan used the following strategy in his conclusion: