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Hello New Department

Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics is spinning off from the Visual Communication Department and becoming a separate department effective Fall semester 2015. This is exciting news for us and we believe it will provide clear benefits for our students.

The Backstory…

In 1976 a handful of instructors and 42 students made up a small department, know at that time as Commercial Art. By Spring semester 2015 the Visual Communication Department had grown to 66 full-time and adjunct faculty offering 125 classes with an enrollment of almost 1,300 – obviously a large department!

Last year we identified a need to divide the department into two so as to better serve the students. After recent approval by the college administration, steps have begun to implement this change fall semester.

We’ve had great success with student enrollment in our degrees and are very proud of their growth. Creating a new department will help us sharpen our focus and attention for all of our students.

Course Listing for Spring

One of the first effects of the department division can be seen in the course schedule. Looking for a class in any of our Animation areas? You’ll find it listed under the new discipline: Game Development, Animation, and Motion Graphics.

All classes for Graphic Design, Graphic Arts Technology, User Experience (formerly Web & Interactive Design) as well as the Design Coder and Illustration certificates will remain under the Visual Communication discipline.

Degree and Certificate Changes

In addition to this department division, there’s another changes we’d like you to know about. The Texas Legislature passed a law limiting Associate degrees to no more than 60 hours. As a consequence, effective Fall 2015 there are modification to all of our degrees and certificates – you will notice many course number changes and several courses are no longer offered.

We encourage you to contact an advisor to learn more. For information on Graphic Design, Graphic Arts Technology, Motion Graphics, User Experience Design (formerly Web & Interactive), the Design Coder and Illustration Certificates, contact Sue Durban, Martha Johnson (both at Northridge Campus), or Melinda Barker at South Austin Campus.

At Northridge Campus, students can set up advising appointments for the areas of Game Art, Game Design, 3D Animation and 2D Animation by meeting with Deanna Whaley and Colin Blankenship. Visit their website for more information.