Graphic Design Student Awarded AIGA Scholarship

Congratulations to Hanna Holt, a graphic design student at Austin Community College, who was chosen as the 2020 Maura Rose Kampa scholarship recipient. This annual award from the Austin chapter of AIGA, a national professional organization for designers, grants one student a $2,000 academic scholarship and mentorship with Ben Harman, the award-winning associate design director for GSD&M. The Maura Rose Kampa Scholarship seeks to provide mentorship and financial assistance to talented undergraduate students of design, advertising, illustration, and photography in Austin, TX.

Holt started her mentorship a few weeks ago via Zoom, and she said she feels incredibly grateful for this opportunity with Ben Harman. She noted she’s already learned a lot under his guidance and he’s given her advice on design process, projects, and deadlines.

As a part-time student, Holt is in her final semester and will be graduating this December. Holt spoke highly of her time at ACC, saying: “I would recommend the graphic design program at ACC to anyone and everyone, and I am known to do so at social gatherings (pre-pandemic, of course). Anyone with an ear and an interest in making things is pretty much subject to my ravings about the program. I love the learning pace that ACC has to offer as a community college.” She noted that she appreciates the practicality of the program—especially considering how it’s designed for the fast pace of the design industry.

“I have gained so much knowledge, from the conceptual aspects of design to the tiniest technical print specifications. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned. I’ve also continued to see how beloved the design program is amongst working designers in Austin, which gives me a lot of pride and excitement in terms of future design opportunities,” said Holt.

Congratulations again to Hanna Holt and best of luck to her in the future! Students can learn more about the AIGA Maura Rose Kampa scholarship here. We encourage all interested students to apply; the annual application process opens in the spring.

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