Fall 2020 Program Changes

Every year our course curriculum is reviewed by industry advisory committees. When we last met in Fall of 2019 they approved program changes so our classes will continue to align with industry standards.

Some class codes, class titles, and prerequisites have changed which may affect you. These changes are especially important if you are on financial aid because oftentimes financial aid will only cover courses that are on your catalog.




Am I on the 2020-2021 map? How can I tell? 

You are grandfathered into the catalog that you started on and you are given five years to complete that program before automatically being moved up to the latest map. For example, if you started in fall of 2018, then you will be on the 2018-2019 map. You can check what program map you are on under Self Service > Student Planning > View Progress > At a Glance.


How can I see what program map, major, or catalog I’m on?

You can check what program map you are on under Self Service > Student Planning > View Progress > At a Glance.


How can I change my program map, major, or catalog? 

You can request for your program or major to be changed by emailing nrg-advising@austincc.edu.


How can I tell if these changes will affect me?

Some course numbers will change, and some courses will require substitutions. Read the table below, and if you still have questions, then please email kimberly.aland@austincc.edu.


Who can I talk to about issues with registration?

You can see instructions on how to register here. If you’re having issues, then please email helpdesk@austincc.edu with your student ID.


What do I do if I receive an email saying a course is ineligible for financial aid?

Please email Kimberly Aland at kimberly.aland@austincc.edu to double check if there is a substitution that can be made so financial aid will cover the class. The substitutions can be made as soon as you’re registered for the class, so please check the table below to see if your class is listed as a class that may need a substitution.


Please feel free to schedule an advising appointment with Kimberly Aland, our Program Specialist, if you’d like to discuss your program map, your progress, or how these changes may affect you. You may also email her at kimberly.aland@austincc.edu.