Community and Business

The Visual Communication Department is part of ACC’s workforce education. We’re training students in practical skills to help them find employment when they graduate. We value community and business partnerships which support the success of our students and the quality of our instruction.

Our curriculum is developed and taught by dedicated faculty who also work professionally in their areas of expertise. The curriculum is approved by Advisory Boards comprised of local industry professionals from each area of specialization. Our degrees and course content are frequently reviewed to ensure that we teach the most current and marketable skills.

In this section are links to several ways the Austin community and local industry can connect with us, benefiting the students and the community.

Post a Job

If there is a job opportunity at your business, we are happy to assist you in getting the word out. Let us know details and we will email an announcement to VisCom students. Students contact employers directly and are not pre-approved by an instructor. Thank you for your interest in recruiting at Austin Community College. We look forward to helping you find qualified candidates for your positions.

Post a Job

Post an Internship

Looking for an intern? There are many advantages when students participate in an internship, including acquiring real-world work experience and developing useful employment contacts.

Internship class: There are several criteria to consider, the first of which is your time frame. We offer a for-credit internship course which follows the ACC academic schedule for spring, summer and fall semesters (16 weeks in spring and fall, 10 weeks in the summer). Interns must work a minimum of 12 hours per week, and we recommend up to 20 hours. If a student is accepting a paid internship, then the student and employer are allowed to agree upon more hours as long as the 12 hour per week minimum is met.

To be approved to take this class, the student will need to have completed at least 30 hours toward a degree of certificate in the VisCom department. Interns are available in the areas of Graphic Design, Graphic Media Production, and Visual Design.

If you interview and accept one of our intern students, you and the student will develop objectives for the student to meet by the end of the semester. During the course of the semester, the student must be supervised by someone in the workplace who will assist the student in the acquiring of skills that will benefit them professionally in their area of study. At the end of the semester the student submits a work report to the course instructor and receives a grade for the class.

Please register your company with the ACC Experiential Learning website via the button below so we can share your internship opportunities with students.

Looking to work with a class? Or maybe you have a short-term project that won’t quite span the hour requirements for an internship? Feel free to contact Kimberly Aland, our Program Specialist, to directly inquire about other options at

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