Women standing in front of a promotional screen
Moving from being a Navy jet engine mechanic was scary…[but now] I’m in a job I love!

Computer Support Supervisor

We want you to succeed

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward your new career in IT. Now let’s make sure you have the support you need to realize your goals. The WIT support program was design to address the unique challenges women face. Take advantage of the empowerment modules, join study groups, participate in networking events, and mentoring. Your success is our number one goal!

Empowerment workshops designed to:

  • Build and project confidence
  • Clarify your vision and communicate it to yourself and others
  • Understand the immense role that optimism and pessimism play in your life
  • Breakdown complex endeavors into manageable steps
  • Increase risk tolerance and minimize fear reactions
  • Develop personal boundaries
  • Build resilience and grit to overcome perfectionism and procrastination

Real Women. Real Success Stories.


Keelee was encouraged to go to college by a neighbor who would become her life-long role model. At only 10 years of age, she made the decision to get a college degree and she didn’t let anything stop her. A lack of resources, an unplanned pregnancy, and life’s other unforeseen obstacles, were no match for this confident woman. Keelee, along with her two friends and classmates, would go on to become the first black women to graduate from the Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Technology.


Elizabeth moved to the U.S. at the age of 19 years old. She didn’t speak any English but she was determined to get her college degree. Elizabeth took ESOL classes and, with the support of Capital IDEA, she began her pursuit of a degree in the IT field. As challenging as it was to a non-native speaker, Elizabeth excelled in her courses and is the shining example to her daughter that she set out to be.


Allison’s journey to a stable, rewarding career, took many turns. Overcoming a lack of self-confidence, addiction, and a false-start, Allison found the drive to find her calling. After a stint in the Navy, as a jet mechanic, she found the confidence she needed to come back and pursue her degree. With the help of the GI bill, she set out to get her degree in IT. Even though the going was tough, this powerful woman was tougher, facing her challenges head-on and proving to herself that she could do what she set out to do.


Celia’s journey to Austin and an IT career was a long one. She was born in Portugal and had visited the U.S. briefly as a child. She was living in South Africa when she first dreamed of returning to the U.S. and pursuing her education. Austin became her desired destination because of the areas many opportunities in the IT field. As Celia recounts, she didn’t have to just take it day-by-day, but rather minute-by-minute. This successful business woman juggled work, school, and the demands of motherhood.