Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month – May 2022

May is Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month! In May 2022, we celebrated the AAPI Heritage Month to provide the ACC community an opportunity to learn and celebrate the heritage and tradition of the AAPI community with regards to health and wellness.

Chinese medicine and wellness philosophy have long been about maintaining health through diet, exercise, and herbal supplements. It is also a tradition of the AAPI community to drink herbal tea, take herbal medicine and herbal supplements, keep exercise routines on a regular basis. We were honored to have Dr. John Su, the founder of AcTouch Acupuncture and Herb Center, to come to discuss the history and benefits of Chinese Medicine. Mark Leidig, Adjunct Professor of Kinesiology, provided an introduction and demo on Tai Chi and Chi’Kung (Qigong) meditation exercises. Professor Leidig also invited his friend, Amy Taulman, to give us an amazing demonstration of Tai Chi sword.  

We’ve received feedback that more events like this should be organized in the future. And we agree!

Starting from left to right: Henry Tsai (Career Counselor), Dr. John Su (our speaker), Lam Lynn Lau (AAPI Cultural Center Director), Melissa March (ACC Sign Language Interpreter) and R.B. Looks like R.B. had something to say about Chinese medicine. 🙂

Amy Tau and Mark Leidig
Mark Leidig discussed the philosophy and benefits of Chi’Kung (Qigong) and Tai’chi exercises. On the right is Amy Taulman, a long-time Taichi practitioner.
Amy Taulman performing Taichi Sword

Amy Taulman gave us an amazing Taichi sword demonstration.


I enjoyed learning about the positive results of acupuncture on body ache, how Pu’er tea helps maintain the body and the breathing aspect of Chi’Kung and Taichi in relation to power.

Larry M. Davis

Chief Equity Officer

I like the four methods Dr. Su uses: watch, listen, ask, and touch. I also like the breakdown of acne into “stomach fire,” “spleen fire,” and “liver fire.” 

Mary Ann Cicala

Director, Alumni Relations

I enjoyed the demos of meditation and sword display. Amazing event!

Aaron Cervantes

Career and Transfer Center

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