Six Words: The Post-Spring Break Edition

I am so enjoying this experiment. A few weeks ago I created a form through which faculty could submit their “Teaching in Six Words” statements. I love hearing from faculty all over the college and learning more about how they see their role as teachers. To celebrate the beautiful Spring weather, and the return to teaching after a week away, here are some selections for this week.

“Help students actualize their abilities.”


“There is no them, only us.”

Lydia CdeBaca-Cruz, Adjunct Faculty, Composition & Literary Studies

“Touching lives one at a time.”

Ellen Baik, Adjunct Faculty, Government

“Seeing the light go off? Amazing!”

Roland Duarte, Adjunct Faculty, Government

“Continual learning: best preparation for living.”

Kathleen Jurgens, Adjunct Faculty, Adult Education

“Empowering students to learn and grow.”

Silke Morin, Full-time Faculty, Biology

And below is a bonus, because sometimes, six words just aren’t enough!

“Passionate, caring, intellectually stimulating, engaging, student-centered, driven.”

Jyoti Parimal, Adjunct Faculty, Adult Education

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