Six Words Tuesday

I love the idea of faculty members describing their teaching in six words. And luckily for me, faculty are finding this exercise to be worthwhile as well. If you would like to submit your six word teaching statement, please do so via this link. I hope to highlight several submissions each week as a way to say “thank you” to the work that our faculty do. Enjoy the wisdom of our colleagues!

“Invest. Engage. Inquire. Listen. Clarify. Repeat.” Stephanie Long, full-time faculty and department chair, Geographic Information Systems

“Building a foundation for Future Opportunities.” Jose Arturo Puga, adjunct faculty, Sociology

“The opportunity of a lifetime awaits!” Dan Dydek, full-time faculty and department chair, Psychology

“Teachers should be students par excellence.” Christopher Whalin, adjunct faculty, Philosophy

“Knowledge offers possibilities to everyone, everywhere.” Mindy Reed, adjunct faculty, BGTCM (Business, Government, & Technical Communications)

“Any questions? Yes? No? Maybe? Okay.” Jacqueline Childress, adjunct faculty, Accounting.

“Teach with Actions, not only words.” Tracy Partin, adjunct faculty, Health & Kinesiology

“Offer grace, even when not asked.” Heather Syrett, full-time faculty, General Studies & Student Development

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