Teaching in Six Words: Teacher Appreciation Week Edition

In February I launched this form to allow faculty members to submit their six-word teaching statement. Modeled on Six Word Memoirs, I’m asking any and all faculty to submit their view of teaching in six words. (Keep those submission coming!) Since it’s teacher appreciation week, I thought I would offer a few more of the submissions for you to ponder. Enjoy!

“Home. Lights. Camera. Mic. Hidden students.”

Jacqueline Childress, Adjunct faculty in Accounting.

“Who says humanities degrees don’t pay?”

Melissa Markham, Adjunct faculty in Philosophy, Religion, Humanities

“Instruction designed to encourage lifetime learning.”

Nort Seever, Adjunct faculty in Government

“We are all in this together!”

Missi Patterson, Full-time faculty in Psychology

“An open ear can change everything.”

Stephanie Long, Full-time faculty in Geographic Information Systems

“Planning+organizing+delivery+listening+sharing = teaching”

Sara Corbett-Imeny, Adjunct faculty in Adult Education

Aren’t we blessed? We are blessed to have interesting, diverse, adept, clever students. And we are blessed to have accomplished, able, smart, varied, and passionate faculty. Happy teacher appreciation week – cheers to you all!

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