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Communicate, communicate, communicate

One of the things we hear too often at ACC is that we don’t communicate well.  In my own small way, I’m hoping to make a dent in our tangled lines of communication by establishing this blog page.  My goal is to use this blog as a way to highlight the things we’re doing in academic transfer programs to support student access and enrollment, persistence and engagement, and completion and transition to employment or transfer.

If the list above (access, persistence, completion) sounds familiar, it should.  It’s ACC’s Strategic Plan in a nutshell.  Everything we do in instruction and student services reflects our focus on student success.  Our efforts to improve how we help students find and navigate their educational pathways comes from our desire to help students achieve their goals.  After all, that’s why we’re here.  That’s why we come to work every day.  That’s why we stay up late grading or creating a new assignment.  That’s why we listen to students’ stories and try to help.  That’s why we have a bounce in our step when we walk into a classroom.  We are here to help students achieve their goals.

Community colleges have a mission that I treasure and one which I try to support in all my work:  open doors, second chances, better job opportunities, richer lives, more engaged citizens.  My belief is that you too treasure our mission.  My goal with this blog is to provide you with information and inspiration culled from learning more about what we are doing in academic transfer programs.  My hope is that I can help you do what you love:  help students achieve their goals.

Blessings on your good work.  And here’s to a little bit better communication.  Cheers!

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