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Welcome to the ACC Homepage Preview Area!
Here you can check out some of the new features the ACC Homepage has to offer and voice your opinion on what you like and don’t like, all right here!

New Features!

Spotlight Story

Spotlight Story

An eye-pleasing “Spotlight” that draws readers in to learn about ACC and showcase events and stories that make ACC so special.

Menu Drop Downs

Menu Drop Downs

Main audience links drop down to show commonly used areas of the ACC website. Don’t see what you need? Hit the “more…” link to go our standard audience pages with all the links that you need. These menus snap open and shut at your command. When you come back to the ACC homepage, they will remember your preference!

News and Announcements

News and Announcements

Stories and notifications about important news items appear right here in an easy to read format. Our Newsroom stories let you view, comment, and share with others, right from the story itself.

Subscriptions and Social Networking

Subscribe and Social Network

Have ACC Newsroom content delivered right to your email inbox and connect with ACC via our social networking pages.

What’s Happening at ACC

Calendar Listings

Check out “What’s Happening at ACC” with our updated calendar listings. Images and reformatted information make reading our calendar easier than ever.

Calendar Quickjump Menu

Calendar Quickjump Menu
Just want to see the Academic Calendar or want to find out whats happening at your campus? Use the Calendar Quickjump Menu to pull up the calendar that fits the bill right from the ACC Homepage.


Common eServices are presented with tooltip descriptions where you can quickly access the service that you need now.

Let me see it already!

View the ACC Homepage Preview (new window) and don’t forget to leave us a comment right here about what you like, don’t like, and what you’d want to see on the ACC Homepage!

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