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ACC Default WordPress Theme Documentation

Every new WordPress website created on ACC’s WordPress network comes pre-installed with the ACC Default WordPress theme. The following sections outline the theme’s features and technical background. If you are new to WordPress please review … Continue reading

Google Sites Logo

Updating your faculty website URL to point to a Google Site

Faculty members have been using Google Sites to build websites for their home pages,courses, and other projects for sometime here at ACC for some time. Faculty members want to move their main web presence to … Continue reading

Adobe Acrobat

Creating and Distributing Forms with Adobe Acrobat 8.0

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the basics of Adobe Acrobat Forms (for PC). By the end of this workshop you will be able to: Select original documents and create PDF files Create forms … Continue reading

Entrinsik Informer

Entrinsik Informer

Informer is a web-based reporting utility that provides quick and easy access to data stored in Multivalued or SQL-based databases. The Informer interface is written using modern Web 2.0 technology that allows for drag-and-drop and … Continue reading


Using accordions in Drupal

ACC’s Drupal installation allows the use of jQuery’s accordion functionality within the content area of pages. Accordions are useful when displaying content that cannot be divided into separate pages, or grouping content together in a scannable … Continue reading

Wordpress Logo

WordPress Training for Content Managers at ACC Often content managers are ready to begin managing their new WordPress powered websites before a training is scheduled through ACC’s professional development workshops. The following is curated list of only “need to know” … Continue reading

Dreamweaver's Find and Replace Specific Tag

Cleaning up Excel Table HTML for Drupal and WordPress with Dreamweaver

Often content managers need to post tables of data for a specific purpose. There are table builders out there that can do it but few more powerful than Microsoft’s Excel. After a table is built is … Continue reading

Insert/Edit Table Options General Tab

Creating Tables with Drupal

Sometimes tables are needed to display tabular data within the content area of a Drupal page. Here’s how to create accessible tables within the Drupal editor (TinyMCE). Select the Insert/Edit Table button from the editor … Continue reading

Upload files

Upload and Share a Link to a Document with Google Drive

1. Login to your ACCMail Account. Select Google Drive from the app picker Create a folder if needed for your website documents or select a shared folder. Note: You can put any file in a folder and manage … Continue reading

Highlighted text within Drupal

Creating links with Drupal and WordPress

Text links are one of the most basic elements of web design. Here at ACC there are some tips and best practices to follow as you maintain your content. Creating links in the main website using … Continue reading

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