WordPress Training for Content Managers at ACC


Often content managers are ready to begin managing their new WordPress powered websites before a training is scheduled through ACC’s professional development workshops. The following is curated list of only “need to know” lynda.com WordPress training modules that content managers at ACC would use in maintaining their websites.

These workshops, along with ACC specific tutorials, will allow content managers to get started minting their websites right away. These training modules in combination with the ACC specific tutorials, and support from various departments within the college, including Instructional Resource Technology and Public Information and College Marketing, are a solid foundation to get going with WordPress here at ACC.

WordPress Training Modules from lynda.com for ACC Website Content Managers

Please note that there are other WordPress training modules here and you are encouraged to view them all, although the applicability of these modules may or may not pertain to your level of access on the ACC WordPress network.

Please note any instructions that are ACC specific are marked as such.

You must be signed into Lynda.com to view the tutorials.  Videos may have a pending deactivation notice a this time, the following links will be updated soon.

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Quick Tips

  • An overwhelming majority of your content will be posts. If you are creating pages and your menus are becoming too large, think about the nature of the content. You are started off with the default category of “Updates” for a reason. Use it as much as you can.
  • If you choose another theme besides the default ACC WordPress theme, support is limited. The ACC Web Team installs updates and patches to plugin-ins and themes. Beyond that you will need to research issues on your own.
  • Don’t get too caught up with look and feel. Users are finding your content through links and searches from the ACC homepage. The more relevant content on your website, the better.



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