Google Apps Conflicting Accounts

What is a conflicting account?

A conflicting account exists if a user created a personal Google Account with the same email address username as their organization-managed Google Apps account. Conflicting accounts most commonly occur if your users were logging into Picasa Web Albums, Blogger, or any of these other Google Applications, before the organization implemented Google Apps.

What happens to conflicting accounts?

After you create new Google Apps users with conflicting accounts, they will be prompted to rename their Google Accounts upon next sign-in. We strongly recommend that you do not delete any conflicting accounts. All data within the Google Account will remain in the account when it is renamed. Please note that users have full control over the rename process; administrators do not participate in this process.

Google Apps email addresses which were added as alternate email addresses of personal accounts will simply be removed from the personal accounts and users will see notification of this change the next time they sign-in.

Resolve conflicting accounts


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