Apprenticeship Informaton / SAMSUNG APPRENTICESHIP

Apprenticeship Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job description?
Perform routine equipment monitoring, adjustments and qualification in a high-speed, high-throughput manufacturing environment.   Implement and support equipment improvements, including thorough documentation. Communicate with engineers and manufacturing personnel.   Disposition lots and identify critical failures. Participate in continuous improvement efforts. Perform regularly Preventative Maintenance.

Who qualifies?
Students must have:

  • Degree Specialization: Nanoelectronics, Electronics Technician, Robotics and Automation, etc
  • Currently enrolled in 6 credit hours towards degree plan at ACC
  • Major GPA: 3.0 or above
  • Completed 28hrs towards degree program

What should I expect from this apprenticeship?
This unique program will include a comprehensive orientation and technical training program. The apprenticeship training program is designed to give technicians an overview of the company’s processes and operations.

How many hours of work per week I need to commit?
New technicians begin employment part time (24hrs per wk) while completing their degree. Work shifts will vary depending upon organizational need and ACC coursework.

Would I be paid for my apprenticeship?
Yes. Pay will be based on experience and assignment.

Would I get hired after my apprenticeship?
Upon completion of degree and successful quarterly performance reviews, graduates are able to apply for available fulltime technician positions.

What are my responsibilities during the apprenticeship?
  • Maintain 3.0 GPA throughout employment
  • Must be enrolled in school at least 6 hours per semester
  • Work part-time: 24 hrs per week (while completing degree)
  • Show up to work on time

Is this program offer throughout the year?
Samsung recruitment occurs once a year or as needed. We notify the students through ACC Gmail accounts, post announcements on the hallway and our website. Please check your ACC e-mail account for future announcements.