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Dr. Wendy Lym

Department Chair
Composition & Literary Studies
Rio Grande Campus Bldg. 3000, Rm. 3120
Office: 512-223-3357

Department of
Composition & Literary Studies

Austin Community College
Rio Grande Campus Bldg. 3000, Rm. 3171

1212 Rio Grande, Austin, TX 78701
Office: 512-223-3233
Hours: M-F 8am– 5pm

Sue Bloodsworth

Administrative Assistant III
Office: 512-223-3233

Major in English

The English Major at ACC helps you develop a strong foundation to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year college. Students who major in English learn how to communicate effectively, think critically, and develop writing skills.  More Info >>>

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know which English class to take?

You are eligible to enroll in ENGL 1301 if you are TSI complete. That usually means you’ve taken the TSI exam or another test like the SAT/ACT, GED, or STAAR test. Check here to learn more about TSI Assessment. Some ENGL 1301 courses offered are part of the Liberal Arts Gateway program—and we recommend you check those out by clicking here. Please note that all students must have credit for ENGL 1301 before taking ENGL 1302. All students must have credit for both ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302 before taking any literature class. 

Where can I go for tutoring or one-on-one writing instruction?

The ACC Learning Labs provide free tutoring services and group study rooms. English and writing tutoring sessions may help with brainstorming and outlining, understanding the essay prompt and syllabus, improving organization and your thesis, and understanding grammatical rules and terminology.

My university only requires one writing class as a prerequisite for literature. Do I still need to take ENGL 1302?

Yes. Students must pass both ENGL 1301 & 1302 before they can enroll in any ACC literature class—even if another university or college only requires credit for either ENGL 1301 or 1302 or another writing-intensive course. Faculty will confirm prerequisites for students to remain in class. 

What are Liberal Arts Gateway classes?

These English classes offer a thematic approach to help students think deeply, write critically, and find additional relevance and meaning in what they are studying. LA Gateway courses put the student experience centerstage through engaging themes, interesting assignments, and course activities that invite you to share your perspective and aspirations. LA Gateway courses also build equity and inclusion from the ground up, and our professors help you learn skills not just for the next course, but for a lifetime of learning and leadership. Learn more at the official Liberal Arts Gateway website.

How can I take an Honors class in English?

Learn more about the Honors Program and check your eligibility! ACC’s Honors Program offers core curriculum courses with an emphasis on in-depth research and discussion in small classes limited to 15 students, taught by exceptional faculty who enhance their students’ academic experiences with special projects, field trips, guest lectures, and a variety of creative and experiential learning opportunities. The seminar environment allows students close interaction with faculty and other highly motivated Honors students.

Am I allowed to pass out of ENGL 1301?

Some students may be able to test out or pass out of ENGL 1301 with credit by examination, such as AP, IB, or CLEP. See here for more information. If you plan ahead, you might be able to schedule a Course Challenge. However, we suggest you visit with an advisor first. It can take several weeks before credit is given when using test scores or a course challenge.

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Dr. Wendy Lym

Department Chair
Rio Grande Campus
Building 3000, Rm. 3120
Office: 512-223-3357

Sue Bloodsworth

Administrative Assistant III
Rio Grande Campus
Building 3000, Rm. 3171
Office: 512-223-3233
Hours: M-F 8am–5pm

Austin Community College
5930 Middle Fiskville Rd.
Austin, Texas 78752