Welcome to the ACC English Department

Mission Statement

The Austin Community College English Department is dedicated to assisting students in becoming better communicators through the study of writing, literature and critical thinking and to support  them in becoming more informed citizens for the twenty-first century.

What Students Can Expect In ACC English Courses

The English Department welcomes you to our courses. We have an outstanding faculty and you will find that many of your classmates are also outstanding students. With a collaborative effort on the part of BOTH faculty member and student, your experience with us should be most productive and rewarding.  More

Expectations of Skills and Knowledge for Incoming Composition I Students

Below are the skills we expect students to have a basic understanding of when they enter Composition I.


All students are protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).  In compliance with FERPA, instructors will not discuss student grades, academic progress, or class attendance and participation with a student’s parents, spouse, or significant other, unless the student is present. These are college courses and all students enrolled in such courses will be treated as college students regardless of the location at which the class meets.