A Letter from the Chancellor

Dear friends,

I assume the role of Chancellor of the Austin Community College District with excitement and a deep sense of responsibility. As we embark on this journey together, I want to share my vision for the first 100 days of my tenure with you.

The primary purpose of these first 100 days is to engage in a process of learning and listening through those critical first few weeks and months of transition. We have a unique opportunity to identify our successes and recognize our opportunities. Together, we will collaborate closely to enhance student success in every aspect of their academic journey.

My leadership approach guides me by a singular principle – LOVE. Love for our institution, love for our mission, and most importantly, love for our students. Within the initial 100 days, I am committed to actively engaging with our faculty, staff, students, administrators, and our invaluable community partners.

My first 100 Days Outcomes include:

1. Identify a district-wide “north star” for improving student success.
2. Outline a theory of change to attain that goal.
3. Integrate and focus the new theory of change into the 2024 Strategic Plan.

My intention is to foster an inclusive, caring, and transparent environment. I understand the importance of inclusivity and transparency in leadership. Through campus conversations and town hall meetings, we will work to set college-wide goals and priorities that are focused 100 percent on student success.

I am excited to embark on this journey with each and every one of you, and I look forward to working collaboratively to create a brighter future for our college community. Together, we will build a legacy of excellence and care that will benefit future generations.

Leading Through Listening & Learning

During his first 100 days, Russell visited all 13 ACC campuses and centers, hosting campus conversations with hundreds of faculty, staff, and students to learn about college successes and opportunities for improvement. In these conversations, virtual town halls, board meetings, and community events, clear thoughts and ideas emerged on how to shape the future of ACC.

Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart Meets with Students and Families
ACC San Gabriel Campus Acclerator
Austin Community College District Chancellor Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart takes a brief tour of Highland Campus, building 1000, and pays a visit to the ACCelerator on Monday, September 18, 2023.
ACC Highland Campus Conversation with Dr. Russell Lowery-HArt

Campus Conversations

The Chancellor and cabinet members visited each campus and center to host a conversation unique to that community. These conversations were hosted in-person and livestreamed.

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Virtual Town Halls

The virtual Town Hall meetings featured updates from the Chancellor about what was happening across the district, giving participants an opportunity to share comments, questions, and ideas or concerns.

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First 100 Days in Photos

Russell’s first 100 days were caputred in photos.

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ACC Values

In fall 2023, Russell teamed up with a diverse group of ACC students to identify a new set of college values to guide our work. Through interactive exercises and a series of conversations, students told us what is most important to them. Our values are — Courage, Compassion, Joy, and Yes!


We believe in honesty and openness


We believe in empathy, kindness, and being other-centered in all we do


It is our honor to work for our students and with each other


We believe in being tenacious and resilient in fighting for our students

ACC Students engage with Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart during a campus conversation.

Themes & Areas of Focus

Based on data, ACC identified four key areas of focus to help our students succeed. Every member of the college community is responsible for helping our students:

An ACC student works in the ACC Highland Accelrator on the first day of class.

Start Strong

ACC will reimagine onboarding to help our students start strong.

An ACC instructor starts student of with orientation during class.

Enroll Full-Time

ACC will provide intuitive and seamless infrastructure to support students enrolling full-time.

ACC students receive supplies from ACC staff

Meet Basic Needs

ACC will meet the basic needs of our students to provide support that drive student success.

An ACC student smiles at a classmate during a class discussion.

Find Belonging & Culture

ACC will focus on building and maintaining a culture of belonging & connection.

Honor Our Past. Build Our Future.

As Austin Community College District celebrates our 50th anniversary, we reflect on all of the extraordinary work that has happened since September 17, 1973, when the college first opened its doors. ACC has always been and always will be a catalyst for equity, academic excellence, and opportunity. As we move forward, we will build on this legacy.


Today, the world is changing… fast. Our students need us differently. Texas needs us differently. We need each other differently. The First 100 Days is my plan to find a districtwide “north star” and work together to achieve our goals. With your help, we will create a culture of care for students and employees, identify successes and opportunities, and improve student success.


I am honored and thrilled to be your chancellor. It is clear to me that we have the talent, passion, and resources here to do something truly magical and I look forward to working with you as we chart that course.


Much Love, Russell