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For years, I told myself that I need to go back to school. I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew it wasn’t the dead end jobs that were all that would take me after working as a stay at home mom for over five years (with no degree to my name). I started back to ACC, still with little idea, except maybe something in the social sciences. I took some diverse classes and realized that I loved science, and math wasn’t as hard as I remembered. When I was younger, I felt pushed into the language arts and it felt like, in part, because I was female. Since I’ve started back to school, not only have I found that I love the sciences – I’m not too shabby at them either. One of my teachers even told me I was a natural. I’m never going to forget that. I’m planning on making my career in hydrogeology. Not only is ACC the stepping stone that will help make my dream come true, it has given me the confidence to reach for that dream. Without ACC I would not have the drive to succeed that I have today. I will graduate from Austin Community College in the spring of 2013 with an Associate of Science in Engineering that will help me on my way to success.